Call List

Sometimes I wonder the hell people are thinking, or not in this case. I work in the IT department @ a major city hospital. We have some high speed stuff but we do some really stupid s%*t. For instance, there is a call list that's in excel that has all of IS's (that's what we call IT here) phone numbers and contact information. In case there is an emergency or an application is down the managers or Directors can look u up and contact you. And it's sent out  in an department wide email to check the call list and update it. 
Okay so why do I have a problem with a call list makes sense. If you needed then this way whoever can get ahold of you. I agree with that.... If it was 1999. It's 2015 people, the call list yes it's important but seriously put it online with a search box so you can easily find the person your looking for, or if you need to get in touch of the whole dept have a dept search. Instead of having people update multiple excel docs, oh I don't know remind them to check and make sure there info is up to date and give them the option to edit it easily again by search for their own name. The possibilities are really endless.
With the technology that we have today, smart phones, computers, ect. It would be so easy to not only have that required list but easy to find and update what your looking for. But it doesn't end there it could be built to send txt messages if a call is not required. It could even be tied into other systems so if an update is made it changes in all the other systems. Much of peoples time today is editing and managing multiple different systems it could really be paired to just a few with web applications automating and providing that info to downstream systems. 
I think the reason a lot of this hasn't changed is this is the way it's always been done and I just got used to using excel. I also think people are afraid that they are going to be replaced by machines, which honestly is going to happen. Probably sooner than later.