Coldfusion 10,11 and IIS 6

I know, I know why the hell are you running IIS 6? Well I work at a place that lets just say dosen't beleive in upgrading. So clients have needs and I need to make it work. I just glad this site is interal, but I digress.

My client wanted the latest version of Mura version 6.2 at the time. I went through the process of upgrading CF from 9 to 11 with very little issues basically followed the prompts making sure CF 9 was shut down. Once created I made a new site and threw up a test index.cfm page and using <cfoutput>#CGI_HOST#</cfoutput> worked fine. Sweet!

After downloading Mura and unpackaging it I went to the install page, which came up fine entered my credentials and db stuff. But once I hit submit I got a 404 error. Hmmm...

Everything was the same as the other sites under properties, so that's not the issue after a bit of research I found that for IIS you need create a virtual directory called jakarta pointing to cfroot\config\wsconfig\1

This folder could be different on your server but it will always be in wsconfig. Once add it allowed CF to process the pages as expected. If you want more detail you can view Adobes tech note here.

Man we reallly to upgrade to modern technology here.