Importance of declaring local vars in CFC's

This isn't really a new topic and has been discussed many time's before. However I can't not stress the importance or declaring local vars in CFC's, even query's
So what can happen, why all the fuss? Truthfully I never really bothered declare them. I mean isn't ColdFusion supposed to do that automatically? I learned my lesson the hard way. In building a fitness tracker plugin for MURA I didn't declare local vars. It was fine for a small about of traffic but eventually it the site slowed down so much it became unresponisve and I had to bounce CF. 
To fix the issue I needed to scope the var in my cffunctions pain in ass I know, especially if your CFC/s are many or huge. Using varScoper will help find all your un-scoped vars I recomend downloading it.
Ok so what! Well by not scoping it it effectively becomes a global var and if you have the same variable name in two different functions it can cause collisions and eventually memory leaks. check out Ray Camden's post on it.
So your convinced that you should scope how do you do it? well that's simple download varScoper let it find your unScoped Vars and scope them like in the example below. Remember a local scope needs to be declared at the top of the function.
<cfset var somevar = ""> 
For queries you can also do. 
<cfquery name="local.queryName" .. >
Later brothers and happy varScoping