Paging the DataTables plug-in using jQuery load

I've decided to use the DataTables plug-in to list different medical schools for a current project I'm working on with the hospital. All the data is being loaded via AJAX from a CFC, which in it self is pretty neat. If you have never tried using this plug-in to display your data I would recommend giving it a try, you can find it @  

Below is an image of my DataTable. Notice the two highlighted icons. The box is an archive feature that will hide this school in other areas of the application, and the refresh icon will un-archive the school. The issue I was having was in pagination if I archived a school on page 7 lets say it would archive but the whole table would refresh and go to the 1st page. I needed to refresh the page cause there is html under the + icons that show if a school is archived or not.


Fortunately DataTables has a plug-in to address just this type of situation page.JumpToData() 

Below is the actual plug-in code
jQuery.fn.dataTable.Api.register( 'page.jumpToData()', function ( data, column ) {
var pos = this.column(column, {order:'current'}).data().indexOf( data );
if ( pos >= 0 ) {
var page = Math.floor( pos / ); page ).draw( false );
return this;
} );
To call it you can use the example below. The plug-in will go to the 1st page that has the requested result in this case "allan jardine" and it searches in the column not row 0.
var table = $('#example').DataTable(); "Allan Jardine", 0 );
So that is all great and good but how do you do it will dynamic data? In using ACF when a user clicked on the archive or un-archive button I did a post to a CFC which Has an if statement in it, that states if status is eq to 1 or archived show the un-archived button. The buttons have some custom HTML5 attr in them in this case I have a data-university attr that has the name of the school. When the button is clicked the university is added to a var  var $university = $(this).attr("data-university");
Once the return "go" comes back from ajax I do a load into the main container using my created $university var. 
$("##actionHolder").load(takeAction,{university:$university}, function(){

This function reloads the page keeping university as a URL variable this way I can use an ACF if statement checking if the URL var is blank or not. this if statement is in the in the initial load of the DataTables if the var exists it will show and the code will cause the DataTables to page to the correct location.

var table = $('##InsView').DataTable({
"initComplete": function(settings, json) {
// alert( 'DataTables has finished its initialisation.' );
<cfif university neq "">"#university#",1);

This is what I call a hybrid technique using both server side and client side scripting and worked out pretty well.