The Adobe Illustrator series

In an effort to enhance my Adobe Illustrator skills I have been create a logo or Icon at least once a week (hopefully more). When I was younger I use to draw for countless hours, comics mostly but I drew. Drawing was most likely the reason I went into graphic design field. I have since stop drawing and feel I have lost the skill to come up with something to draw. I believe it was a combination of things hanging out with more friends using the computer for my creative outlet. A social life really eats into your creative time.
I've always admired people who could really push illustrator to the max and I love using vector graphics when ever I get the chance, good thing they are hot right now. I'm figuring I can really get into the depths of using Illustrator and reawaken my old creative streak again.
When I post it will will be under the heading of the adobe illustrator series. Here is Image 1.
The Olive