Utlizing the JSON APi

Here are two different example of how to use the JSON api in MURA. One pulls back a page based off of a content ID Number the other will display multiple results via a content collection.

First you will need to make sure that the JSON Api is turn on in MURA. You can find this under Edit Site then clicking on the modules tab. Once turned on you will need you content ID for the page you want to display. Follow the code below and this should work.



Alternatlively you can display multiple results but a content collection must be made first. And you will need the Feed ID  from the content collection found under the RSS tab when editing the collection.


What is this and why is it useful? Well when using these techniques you can now use MURA as your content hub allowing you to host your pages on any websever because all your using is JS, CSS and HTML. These examples just scratch the surface of what can be done. The home page and in the bio section of www.kristenfescoe.com utlizes the 1st example.